MG 1.0 media_privacy


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I need to select non-private images from the gallery via SQL. The media table has a column called media_privacy and the values it can be set to are 'private', 'public', 'shared', 'members', 'followed' and, 'category'. Which values can I rely on to ensure that only public images are selected? Thanks.

Chris D

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Public are the only public ones.

The others may be public if they are in a category shown to everyone.

The knee for members are nearly public.

Private, followed and shared are likely the most private ones.

Chris D

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Will a category shown to everyone have -1 value in the view_user_groups field of the xengallery_category table?

Im not sure what this means.

The exact value may be different. It's a serialized array.

I'm not sure what that means either :p

Though obviously who can see members only albums is registered users.