Lack of interest Media Tutorial for members


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Wow, once again, praise for this add-on.

Being said... This add-on is not that easy for members to grasp. If there was a tutorial (a members video) we could post that so people saw the potential, I bet this add-on would go crazy.

Right now my members are not getting it. Why? because we are a old school content based forum that reads. Videos are something you go to youtube, copy the link and post it on the forum. So, how do I get them to copy the link into their media and tag it better?
I see this as a win win for the publisher, our users and a way to tag related content making it all a better experience while connecting our forums/community/ industry together, better.

The members aren't seeing how this add-on is a way to tag, keep track of all media and how it all ties into the site wide scalability of our topics and threads.

We can all use this add-on to augment our related forum content. This add-on is going to take my forum from cool to awesome. I just need to show them better.
Please make a tutorial for us to show our members what this is about.


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I post my own "how to" threads on my site on using features of the Gallery and other add-ons, plus new XenForo functionality.

The problem with XenForo creating a video or text guide is that it may contain features that admins don't want on their site. Some sites don't use categories, some don't use albums. It's the same with other features too, some sites use them whilst others don't. Plus any guide created would use the default XenForo style which may look quite different to that used on other forums, particularly where they have purchased a style.

Personally I'd rather the XenForo team spent their time enhancing the Gallery with new features than creating videos which would need updating with new versions of the add-on is released. I think guides are better created by admins for their site members who they will know better and therefore how to present the information to them.


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The most difficult thing for creators and admins ( that's me) to do is think like the majority, their audience, the end user. Often the most obvious to the creator, is the most missed because we assume mass should understand why we do things the way we do. Its why so many great ideas stay in the closet or fall into those who see it coming and explain it better. They make it simple for the last people on the fence to understand and find its purpose.
This is an excellent add-on that could use a simple tutorial for the end users, our community. The basic layout of this could be put into a simple , here's what it is concept. I hope this gets a "help" at least.

Food for thought ;)