MG 2.0 Media Slider - what does "Maximum Slides" signify?


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I have total 4 images in my category. I have set Maximum Slides = 1, and what it is showing doesn't make any sense to me.

As you can see from the image below, it shows 4 slides - 1st has 3 images (though I want 1 per slide), and strangely rest 3 are (almost) blank!

Can anyone please explain how it works?

(This is using a demo board).

Slide 1:

Slide 2:

Slide 3:

Slide 4 :

Here is the proof that I have 4 images

Chris D

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I don't think you've done anything wrong, but I'm also hesitant to call it a bug.

The slider displays thumbnails which, by default, are 300px squares.

Let's say your slider is in a widget that is 1000px wide, you're asking it to display 1 slide at a time. What would you expect it to do? Stretch the image to be 1000px wide to fill the page? Well, that'd either stretch the height to 1000px too, or it would make the image now 1000px x 300px so it would look distorted. Should it just display the 300px width image with either loads of white space on either side? Maybe, but then that wouldn't look great either.

Ultimately you're asking it to do something that doesn't really make a lot of sense. Admittedly it doesn't seem to be handling it too well, though some custom CSS might achieve the effect you want (perhaps limiting the width of the slider itself so it doesn't exceed the width of any of the images).

If that configuration slider was in the sidebar, it would probably work nicely. It would shrink the 300px image to fit the sidebar, and only one slide would display at a time.