Media going too far

Fred Sherman

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This isn't a rant again any particular media political view. This is a general complaint against nearly all US media outlets covering the tragedy at the Reno Air Show. They're all covering the story with pictures of the moment of impact or, worse yet, video of it.

I find it distasteful that they are leading this story what amounts to a snuff shot or stuff video. People are dying in that captured moment. That debris being scattered contains human remains.

There was a time when basic human decency would have kept those images from being displayed. I wonder where those days have gone and why we no longer care.


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I live in Reno NV so this hits close to home for me. I was suppose to go to the air races today with my girlfriend but... this tragedy happened. I've been almost every year for the past 10 years and really enjoy it. I live like 10 minutes from the Stead Air Force base where this happened Friday.

Best wishes to those families who we're effected :X, so far 9 people have passed from it, but as for your topic, yes... between the news and youtube people seem to be exploiting the situation for hits.


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You tube is horrific to be honest. People just repost the same video time and time again, so you just end up with 100s of copies of the same video. I wouldn't mind quite so much if they added their own content, but its simply in the attempt to get loads of hits and a few cents off Adsense.

That's aside to the morality of the video being there, but you can't stop people posting it to YouTube.

I would say however, its no different to any accident that was filmed, being shown - think the airliner that crashed into the sea after a hijack attempt off the coast of Africa or, dare I say it, 9/11.