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I've got watermarks turned on in the gallery, however they are not adding to the photos.

They were working, before I updated some usergroup permissions.

What should the settings read for the Registered usergroup for watermarks?

Thank you.

Chris D

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There’s a filter on the permissions page. Use that to look down the list for any watermark related permissions to see if any could be the cause.


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I'm having a hard time finding it now.

When I type 'watermark" into the filter for node permissions and usergroup permissions, I get nothing.

When I type "watermark" into the search bar within those categories, I get a link to the options, where it is set properly


The water is showing below the screenshot, did not want to include it to reveal our domain.

In usergroup permissions we have these set to no.


We don't want to add photos without being watermarked to the Registered usergroup, nor do we want to give the ability to add it or not.

We want all photos to be watermarked in the registered usergroup.

However we would like the ability to add/remove watermarks on the staff and sponsors usergroups, if possible.

Please help solve my mystery, thank you.
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Chris D

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The first place to start for any permission related issues is to look at Admin > Groups and permissions > Analyze permissions.

You may want to click the tab for gallery category permissions, then type an affected user’s name and select a category where the watermarking is bypassed.

The output of that will detail how the watermarking permissions are applied.


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@Chris D - I've got watermarking turned on, analysing the permissions as above shows 'Yes' for all the appropriate watermarking options. But when adding photos into an album in a category, none of the images get watermarked.

Any pointers as to any settings that I need to look at?

I'm running 2.0.5 of the gallery.