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MG 1.1 Media Gallery requirement

Hello. I'm considering getting media gallery for my forum, but i was having trouble finding out how much space would i need from my host to successfully run everything. I'm currently on a webhotell with only 1GB of space, where i have used about 200MB of space divided on xenforo install files and mysql. (originally i only hosted a regular website for my MC chapter, but decided to get xenforo to get the community started).
I get that i probably need to update to something better from my host, but what to get. VPN or just a upgraded webhotel? What do you guys recommend? My user base is now at 18, gonna get 30 in a few weeks when people get of that damn facebook, and by time, maybe we will make our forum available for every chapter, so around 200-300 users..
Thanks for any advice :)

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Unfortunately it's an impossible question to answer accurately. There are too many variables.

I'm certain what you have now will be perfectly fine. You have disk space available for ~800MB pictures/videos.

You should only need to upgrade once you begin to feel that you need more disk space.

There are various controls which can reduce the amount of disk space required. You can assign each user/group a quota, so they can't exceed a certain amount of storage. You can control the maximum resolution of an image so that any images larger than that would be resized. You can prevent certain types of media from being uploaded, so you can restrict it to images only. You can control the maximum file size of files being uploaded.

I'm confident with all of these things, you should be fine as you are for quite some time.