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There doesn't appear to be navigation tools when viewing a media album/your albums. There are no arrows for next and previous image.

Using Chrome 64bit v 83.0.4103.106 , win10 v1809


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I should note that I do see the navigation arrows in all albums on this site, except for the ones I am the "owner". On these albums they are NOT present.


XenForo developer
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It may well be something specific to here, specific to the time when the album was posted, as we run pre-release versions here that may trigger bugs in some scenarios. I'm not really sure. It doesn't seem to be an issue in most cases and the example album is over 3 years old.

As it stands, the bug report is open and we'll see if we can investigate it, though it may not be an active bug in the software. (If you can reproduce this with a newly created album, we'd definitely want to know that.)