Media gallery image pages should show threads where images are embeded

When we see an image page in the media gallery we should also have those threads/posts links displayed where that particular image is embedded. I am not very good with words so I am going to give an example to explain it better :

This image for example is part of an album in the media gallery and this image is embedded using the BB code into this thread. I am hoping that we could have a list of thread links on the image page to show where all that particular image is embedded.

Mostly people land on image pages from search engines and would go backward and forward (view images) and most likely leave. If we have links to thread where those images are embedded it would result into visitors being directed to threads that are relevant to that image and would make the visit a lot more engaging.



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Yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for.
Gallery comments are very weak when it comes to:
a) moderation
b) visibility to the rest of the site.

I'd like to see each image have a topic of its own for discussion, like a resource does.