Add-on Media downloads for artist forum

Hi All,

Sorry if I do not post this in the right forum but still fairly new here...

I need some advice on a forum I run, it is a site from and for fans of a music artist (David Gray)

The forum is fairly basic at the moment, but runs pretty well. But there are some ideas to expand the functionality a bit...

What we would like to do is add a media portal where users can add and rate videos (youtube etc.) but we also want to add the option to add legal bootlegs and recordings to the site, these could be in the form of MP3 downloads for registered users or maybe even streaming (nice to have) options. (like does)

I am aware of the various media and video addons but not too sure about sharing files like MP3's etc.

I do not mind a commercial add-on, just want some advice on this matter. If you have any idea then your response is greatly appreciated.

The only thing I came up with after some more research is XenMedio, as it supports local files too.

Will look into this option, if anyone has other suggestions they would still be very welcome !


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I use the official Resource Manager from Xenforo. It's not exactly what the RM was designed for but after modifying the phrases it works alright.

It doesn't support streaming but you can download MP3s (or really any file format for that matter). I would eventually like to have it developed so that the "Download Now" link can be converted into a streaming media player.