XF 1.5 Meaning of icons in Mod/Admin bar?


New XF user here :notworthy:
In the top mod/admin bar, what's the meaning of a triangle with an exclamation mark vs. a flag?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I'm guessing you must have a third party style installed. We don't have icons in the moderator bar in the default XF style.

Based on what I've seen before, I would guess that the ! in a triangle is the "Moderation queue" and the flag is "Reports".


Yes! Thank you!
So -
/index.php?reports/ is where the flags to go and
/index.php?moderation-queue/ is where the exclamation marks go to.

And they're not available in the admin/mod control panel in any of the menus, right? I couldn't find them there. You either need to have the direct link or wait for the icon to pop-up in the admin/mod bar?