MassAlert - Send custom Alerts to your users [Deleted]


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Looks very interesting.
Do they get email notifications too? Or only Alerts IF they come to the forum and log in?


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Just alerts and only after they log in or if they are already logged in.


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I installed this a long time ago. It worked at first, but then it just stopped working.
When I use it, the notification shows there is a new alert. However, it shows nothing when I click on it.

Lone Wolf

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This is a fantastic addon and worked perfectly as soon as I installed it but now it just seems to have stopped working.

I tried disbling 'code rich' and '[bd] tag me' to see if that would help but it didnt it. What I've noticed is that I get an alert but when i go to see what the alert is there's nothing there.

It worked perfect before.


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Anyone know if this is still being updated? I've been looking for the fixed version for a long while now, so I wouldn't have to reinstall this every time. :)