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MassAlert - Send custom alerts to groups of users

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Luke F

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On request: this addon allows you to send simple messages (with or without links) as alerts to some or all of your users.





  1. Upload contents of 'upload' folder to your forum root
  2. Install addon_MassAlert.xml


0.1.0 (04/01/2010):

  • Added seperate table for massalerts rather than redundantly storing them in the alerts table
  • Added cron to delete unread alerts after a week
  • Fixed install bug

0.0.2 (02/01/2010):
  • Fixed not all users with primary groups being selected
  • Avatar user box now has autocomplete
  • Added check for no groups selected and empty alert message

Donations go here :)


  • MassAlert.zip
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Luke F

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Seems to be a bit of a bug with how it selects users (thankfully selecting less rather than more :p) - looking into it now


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Another issue is you can click "Send Alert" without entering any details or selecting any groups and it will send a blank alert.



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Lookin' good! :D Is it possible to make the "Avatar user" group do the auto-complete username thing like with inbox messages and stuff? lol

Thanks; great work! :)

Luke F

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0.0.2 released (changelog above) - to update you'll need to reupload the files and upgrade the addon xml.


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Hey Darkimortal,

Just letting you know if you dont put http:// before the url you get a 404 error in the alert when clicking it... no biggie ;) just thought you might like to know
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