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XF 1.1 Mass move "Location" info from imported custom field, to XF *stock* 'Location' field?


Formerly CyclingTribe
When I import from IP.Board it creates my custom fields, one of which is "Location".

XF has its own built-in Location field so how would I mass move the data from my custom field to the built-in XF one?

Shaun :D

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Run this query on your database:

UPDATE xf_user_profile AS up
SET up.location = (
	SELECT ufv.field_value
	FROM xf_user_field_value AS ufv
	WHERE ufv.user_id = up.user_id
	AND ufv.field_id = 'customfield'
You just need to enter the field_id of your custom location field.


Well-known member
@Jake Bunce Several thousands of members have already filled in the default field on my site. Is there a way to copy the content of the custom field into the default field unless there already is a value in the default field?


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@Chris D
I tried using the query you provided for the gender field and adapted it to location field. The name of my custom user field is 'location'. I tried this query:

UPDATE xf_user AS u
SET u.location = (
SELECT ufv.field_value
FROM xf_user_field_value AS ufv
WHERE ufv.user_id = u.user_id
AND ufv.field_id = 'location'
WHERE u.location = '';

Unfortunately the result was:
Unknown column 'u.location' in 'where clause'


Well-known member
Unfortunately the above added the drop down names instead of the values. So it shows canada_2 instead of Canada.
I had not realized this as it was quite some years ago I set this up. It should be easy to fix. Would this query be correct to fix it?

UPDATE xf_user_profile AS u
SET u.location = 'Canada'
WHERE u.location = ´canada_2´;