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XF 1.5 Mass edit Preference

I'm a vb to xf user, all my old users their preference option "Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply..." are uncheck, is there a option or query command where i can check them all?



Well-known member
Admin CP > Options > User Registration

You can change it there for new users who register. For existing ones, you can use a query, yes, but I wouldn't know what. @Jake Bunce may be able to help there.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
For the default watch state:

UPDATE xf_user_option
SET default_watch_state = 'watch_email';

UPDATE xf_user_option
SET default_watch_state = 'watch_no_email';
...depending on if you want emails too. Note that this preference is not retroactive to existing threads.