Mass deleting users


I just got the forum software back from installation but now we have around 800 spam users in the system.

To my chagrin I noticed you can't list say 500 users at one page and select them all and then just click on checkbox of those that I do not want to delete.

I think this is pretty basic functionality so I am probably missing something here.

How can I list the users, select them and then delete selected and all their posts?

XenForo currently lacks the ability to mass delete users. But there are some other options such as mass banning. From the above link:

5) Here is a query to mass ban all users who registered between two dates:

Spam stuff is planned for a future update. In the meantime that link has all spam information compiled into one place.
Was wondering if the option to mass delete members was in the works. Now that forum spam is so common, i would think this would be a great feature to have.
I have 4000 spam bot members. I have 1000 regular members.
I guess the only option I have is creating a new forum and having the members re-signup... kinda a pain....

I find that deleting spam accounts is not a good practice. They will just re-register, and in some cases freeing up their username again can prompt them to re-register. Just ban the spammers instead. XenForo effectively hides banned users on the forum, so they don't affect the member count or member list.

But I get the impression that various "mass" tools may be part of 1.2:
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