XF 1.5 Marketplace Splash Page


Looking for some advice.

Here is our website - http://www.thewholesaleforums.co.uk/

We're interested in having bit of a change around on the website. Firstly, we have a marketplace, however not very fond of the current layout, especially to customers. The site doesn't scream "MARKETPLACE".

So, ideally, to begin with I guess the question is - is there any templates out there that offer up a better marketplace style feel and look to it?

Otherwise, we would like a splash page with categories from the marketplace, such as "fashion, electronics, cosmetics, toys & books" etc of which appear on the splash page itself. Then when you click one of the categories for example cosmetics, this then takes you into the cosmetics section of our marketplace.

Can something like this be done? Are there any templates available? Or should we get some developers to do this project for us.