XF 1.1 Mark forums read takes a long time


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When I mark all forums read on our board it takes a long time to process. Especially compared to the time it takes here on the XF forums.

Anybody else experiencing the same?

Jake Bunce

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You may be able to help the performance by decreasing this number:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Threads, Discussions and Conversations -> Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days)


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I suspect that the only way you can speed it up is to increase the write speed to MySQL, which likely means tuning it, but that can only be done if you have root access to MySQL.


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Yikes! I totally understand the thinking behind the RMDL and for most forums it totally makes sense for forums where there is a limited time value on the content of posts.

However, the training forum that I run has a LOT of data in it that was posted a LONG time ago (considering the migration of content from earlier boards INto vB and from vB to here!) and yet has current value, what in fact we refer to in our community as Gold Nugget value.

I think a reasonable analogy for comparison is seeing some forums as a magazine stand, yet others as a library...

At the magazine stand, new issues of the magazine are coming onto the shelves all of the time, and of course you only have so much shelf space so you have to periodically toss out the old issues.

Whereas the nature of the information in my forum is such that although there certainly is a percentage of content that is magazine-like... there's a lot of information and even some discussions that are truly timeless, classic, and should be accessible to be read by all as in a Library.

If I go to the magazine stand, I expect just the latest content to be on the shelves, and I can leaf through that and pick and choose.

However, if I am needing an encyclopedia, or (perhaps more aptly) an etymological dictionary and open it up and pages are missing because no one has looked at them lately, or those old roots of contemporary usage words may go back 500 years, I still expect those references to be in there and accessible somehow!

I am NOT saying therefore that your design of XF is faulty, lol, not at all!

I'm just trying to figure out how to make it possible for new people, when searching on a given concept, to get ALL of the high-quality results for that concept, even if they were posted 8 years ago or whatever.

And it's my understanding of the RMDL system that even if you search on the term "Gold Nugget" it will still only return to you results that have not been marked as read, without distinction between posts and threads marked as read by actually viewing them (inclusive: OR) by having been automatically marked as read due to age.

Am I understanding that correctly?

After getting over my initial sense of panic, the word "Prefix" popped into my mind... so I'm wondering if THAT may be a way to make these Gold Nuggets accessible even to newbies without totally bogging the server by setting the RMDL absurdly high.

Fortunately way back in the Dark Ages when I first started using WebBoard by Akiva, I started putting the phrase Gold Nugget in the posts that were timeless.

DOES the XF search tool ONLY return results that have NOT been marked as Read, including those marked as Read by the RMDL process?

If that's the case, I need a suggestion (and maybe a script?) to have a way to FIND those old Gold Nuggets and apply the Gold Nugget prefix to them so all my forum members have easy access to ALL of the Gold in them thar hills.

And of course... even if there's a Gold Nugget prefix, does the prefix search process nevertheless skip all content that was marked as Read due to the RMDL process?

Sidebar: this issue, if others might have it at some time or some application as well, might suggest a possible need for the XF software to distinguish between posts or threads marked as read by actual viewing, vs threads marked as read by exceeding the RMDL.