Implemented  Map IP Address on IP Card


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So I was needing this to help track down users. All I did was make the IP address clickable and take you to a website that uses google maps to show you where that IP address is.

<xen:require css="content_ip.css" />

	<table class="ipInfo">
		<th class="primaryContent">{xen:phrase content_ip}</th>
		<td class="secondaryContent"><span class="ip"><a href="{$ipInfo.contentIp}/" target=_blank>{$ipInfo.contentIp}</a></span> <span class="host">{$ipInfo.contentHost}</span></td>
		<th class="primaryContent">{xen:phrase user_registration_ip}</th>
		<td class="secondaryContent"><span class="ip"><a href="{$ipInfo.registrationIp}/" target=_blank>{$ipInfo.registrationIp}</a></span> <span class="host">{$ipInfo.registrationHost}</span></td>
		<th class="primaryContent">{xen:phrase account_confirmation_ip}</th>
		<td class="secondaryContent"><span class="ip"><a href="{$ipInfo.confirmationIp}/" target=_blank>{$ipInfo.confirmationIp}</a></span> <span class="host">{$ipInfo.confirmationHost}</span></td>
	<div class="sectionFooter overlayOnly"><a class="button primary OverlayCloser">{xen:phrase close}</a></div>


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Great idea. I've now implemented something similar, though I've used a different lookup site that seems to give better results for residential areas:
@kier, not really working for me. its the correct country but about 350km away from my place ;)

kingstons site shows the correct city
I think whatever service you use can be hit or miss. I have some users I am getting spot on, and some area a couple states away (in the US that is far)

I might switch to whatismyipaddress