Manually set order of sticky / pinned threads and announcements


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I did a search but didn't find anything related to this.

Sometimes there are several sticky threads at the top of a forum.

It would be great if there was the ability to manually set the order of these, rather than it being based on last post/thread start date.

If announcements ever get coded then likewise for those too.


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I totally support this and I will give a real-life example why:

On my vB3.8 powered website I make money by publishing full-page ads inside sticky threads (which consists of 1 single ad-posting). So, we have advertisers who are advertising for years now in a row and their advertisement 'thread' got many views.

So imagine a forum where there's 1 single ad-thread. This advertiser is used to be/to advertise 'on top' of the all the other discussion threads. Now a second advertiser comes along and also places their ad. This new ad will be published above the current advertiser in the list, because the threads are sorted by date (last message time) as default. Somebody is not going to be happy and this is the current advertiser who advertised for years at the top spot and now he/she sees a competitor taking the first spot, without them even having any views on their ad yet.

I wished for the proposed functionality to manually set their order for so many years now. I think it's a really worthwhile feature for many occasions, not only when you use ads in threads.


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Me too me too. I make lots of guide posts for my users and it can be very imoprtantt the sequence they read them. But I still want to add a new one without disturbing the order.
Right now I have to copy them, delete them and set them all up again.


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Another in favour of manually ordering sticky threads.

On my current phpBB site (we're migrating to Xenforo on Saturday :eek:) we have a forum for online games events (we'll be using XenAtendo in future). Threads always included the date and time so folk knew when they were on. It always bugged me that the order they appeared in was never in the date order I wanted but in order of the latest post.

So I would dearly love to see this implemented on Xenforo.


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I was just coming to look for a fix for this. I haz a sad that its not possible.