Manually constructing search URLs

Manually constructing search URLs

Once again, thanks to @Chris D for the assist on the syntax for the non Friendly URLs.

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Thanks @Brogan - I used some of these techniques in my Content BBCode addon to allow people to craft links to searches in their post content - I should go through your resource more carefully and see if theres areas I can improve my addon.
Conversely, if you identify any issues in the guide, let me know and I'll update it.

I don't use any of that stuff so it hasn't really been tested.
@Brogan This might be sorta the wrong place to ask, but I do quite often use this sort of format for manually linking to searches on my forum, running 2.2:


I was wondering if you have a variation on this that would work for 1.x or if it would be easy enough to figure it out?

I recently joined a 1.x forum that is using shortened search URLs and have been wondering if there's a similarly convenient trick to manual search URLs.
I don't have access to an XF1 installation to check but it should be the same.
I couldn't get grouping to work with the below string:

I'm basically trying to return one result per thread where a user has contributed, within a specific forum, regardless of who created that thread.

Not possible?
How about filters too, especially 'Unread threads'? Is there any way you can create a sort of 'Whats-new/posts' with just a few forums in it?


Hi @Brogan, concerning this part of the code "order": "date", how to reverse it ? Currently, besides with or without this part of code, results are displayed from most recent to least recent, i would like to reverse that. Thanks.
I've been trying to get this to work with a thread prefix. I have this URL after attempting a few other variations:[prefixes][0]=1&c[title_only]=1&o=relevance

I'm getting results with the correct keyword but results are with and without the thread prefix. Yes, the prefix ID is "1" since it is the oldest and most-used prefix on the forum. The keyword "axaxaxa" is a placeholder for a proper name. I want it to return threads, using a title-only search, returning only threads with prefix ID 1.

A search works in the UI perfectly, but we are rounding up a few easy links for visitors to use and link in specific threads.
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