Manual Customer Verification

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Adam Howard

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Manual Customer Verification.
The simple point of this thread is to simply verify that you are indeed a valid customer of XenForo, when seeking private support or custom work from another member (customer). This thread is to merge all such verifications into a single place.

You need only post in this thread once (anything) to verify that you are a customer. No personal details or even your site's name is required.

Thank you for your time and your support. (y)

If you are a valid customer, but are unable to post here. Please add your forum user name to your account.

Note: Liking a post is not the same as posting. You must post here.


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Hmmm, I was accused of being a pirate (y).

Did not know moving from null to all paid addons was pirating. Never released any paid add-ons which was purchased upon but yet still fingers are pointed. (n)

No worries, I guess. Specially considering my Support/updates end: Aug 22, 2014. :confused:
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