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Site Name: MangaMaid
Site Info: MangaMaid is a project between 4 of us friends who have been attracted to anime and manga for a lot of years, We always have gathered on forums and stayed there for years till we finally decided to make our own community.
We are not just an anime/manga community, We welcome all sorts of user. We also have a dedicated Mafia section and GFX contests.
MangaMaid emphasizes user satisfaction above all,And thus we constantly work on it.​

Some of Our Saliant Features
-Currency System, Where users are awarded in MM's own currency for creating content.
-User Ranks , We have nice GFX'd User Ranks and thats not all, We even have alternatives users can choose to further add to their customization experience
-Squads - Make teams of upto 5 members, Compete in events - Gain prizes and more. Get those squad goals today!
-Trophies - While this is inbuilt part of XF, We went a step beyond and made trophies that would relate to a user and plan to add many many more!
We do have a adult section but its access is restricted to people who are above 18, Have 100 posts and manually request it. Else the site has strict rules for NSFW
Well thats all, I hope you all find our small community to your liking and pay us a visit. All users are welcome!

We have almost 4200 posts and 92 members in only 13 days from our official launch :D

All feedback is also welcome :D
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Great look. One thing I would change would be to remove the rounded corners on the top l and r of the menu bar. This way your header image looks more integrated into your forum. Otherwise really nice.