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Lack of interest Mandatory profile fields


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I have posted this elsewhere, but would like to stress the importance of having the option to make the default profile fields mandatory, as you can with the custom fields.


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I asked about this before and was told it would be available in 1.1, which it is sort of. But it has to be made as a custom field, which is sort of pointless when half my members have already completed the location details in their profile from the standard field thats already there.

Please can we get this resolved or is there a way around it?


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What are you looking to do exactly?

You can still create the custom field now, and require it for all new registrations. Then have the current members update it manually, or update it through an SQL statement.


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I'd like to get everyones location stored and displayed in the postbit under their name and title. To get everyone ready, I've been asking people to update their location in their profile. I'd rather not create a duplicate one as I've come across that setup before and it causes confusion having location in 2 areas that are updated separately.

I also want to get the location field as a required element of the registration process so that people dont have blank entries.


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Staff member
It's not really acceptable to bump a suggestion thread less than a day after creating it.

If people are interested they will respond.


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would be cool to be ablt to put the "location-field" as a drop-down-field into the registration-form, I would need this as well.

On the other hand, that would be just the country, not the detailed location which is linked to Google-Maps.... hmmm ? Not sure how to solve this...? Two different location-fields?


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is it possible to move the "location field" which we have in the members-profile into the "registration form" ?
how to do this ?

Many thanks.