Manchester University London?


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Anyone have any experience with Manchester University in London? My nephew wants to do apply next year.

Thank you.

The University of Manchester is in Manchester about 4 hours drive from London (up North as we say). They are worlds apart in many ways.

When choosing a University it very much depends on what he wishes to study so more important than just the University is the expertise offered in the subject of interest. Northerners are a friendly bunch in general and Manchester is a great and vibrant city. If chosen make sure he picks a safe place to live in Manchester as like most large cities it has some bad area it is best to avoid.

On the plus side accommodation is reasonably priced, and there are some major employers in and around the city so it should be possible to find work if required.

I have close friends in the Manchester area but none went to University so this is just a taster to get your thread on the way.

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Hello Howard,
Thank you so much for this information. This University seems to fit my nephew's goals perfectly but I see now that admission rates are pretty difficult so he might have to wait some time. Also the cost is signficantly better than I was expecting. Since I'll be paying for his tuition, this was a nice surrpise.

We google mapped it but we thought it was closer to London. I was hoping to avoid having to buy him a car as well. That's sort of bothering me. We'll see how it all turns out.

It's nice to know that the people in Manchester are friendly since I'm considering moving there as well. Sadly, the UK has made it difficult to stay in the UK for an extended period of time if you're from the U.S. and not a student. Strange. I'm so looking forward to a change in countries for a while as I loved England while I was there. Paris, not so much. LOL I did a fellowship in England and had a blast. Felt more like home than my home in the U.S. It was so much fun, except for the food. Sorry. :D I actually got a marriage proposal while I was there so I could have been living there all along. Damnit and he was a really nice chap. Oh well.

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Hi Gabby

If the University is a good fit then I don't have any doubt he will enjoy the experience and the location. Unfortunately tuition fees have gone up a lot but as my Sister lives in Boston and her son is at BU training to be a Doctor I don't think you will find them more expensive than you are used to. Many UK student will find a job to bring in a bit of extra cash.

You don't need a car in Manchester as it has trams and plenty of other options. He can get a train to London and a coach I think if he fancies seeing the capital city. If you are going to be together there are some great apartments in town for about £1000 per month. If you go outside Manchester you can pay half that figure but buying is harder in the UK which means rents are higher and easier to obtain. For a student alone most share a campus house for the first year and then move out if they wish to go it alone.

Nightlife is excellent, and some heavy drinking can take place but if he is sensible he will be fine. The trick in any foreign land is to blend in and become a face in a crowd going with the flow whilst watching your back.

Your avatar is great and you are definitely have a face for TV rather than radio (I think that saying has worldwide appeal). If the comments are compliments then enjoy them, but if they irritate you or you feel its an intrusion something less photogenic might be a good idea.

I think if you want to stay in the UK longer you need to find a job and a sponsor in advance otherwise its just six months for a visit. I am not sure that leaving and returning for further visits is an issue and flights aren't that expensive. If you struggle to find any information PM me and I will ask a few questions for you.


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Dear Howard,
Thank you for this information. My nephew thanks you as well. We've been emailing the college and they have been wonderful in getting back to us. We've been googling Manchester all weekend as well. It looks like a vibrant place.

Wht do you mean by "heavy drinking" .. is there a lot of drunk driving? While I was interning in the UK, the only drunks I took care of were from bars, not driving and from rocks not guns. What about drugs? Is the drug problem as bad there as it is here in the U.S? Are there bad racial problems? I hope not. I hope there is racial harmony. I know I can most likely read the "official" statistics but they are frequently not anywhere close to reality.
It is my understanding that my nephew won't be able to work over 20 hours a week while in the UK on a student visa which is gonna be financially tough for me to support all of us at one time. But I'm always up for a challenge. :confused:

I'm glad to see apartments are reasonable, although we are having quite a time finding some online that aren't already rented. The trouble I'm having is trying to do everything via computer as I don't really know what areas are good and not so good. I have a good idea but as far as neighborhood boundaries go, I'm finding that difficult.

So is the nightlife young? My housekeeper is from England so she gives us some insight as well.

Thank you so much for insight. This was very nice of you.


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