Add-on Manage who sees/ shows on memberlist (frontend)


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I would like an addon to control a usergroup so it does NOT show on the memberlist.
Currently the only way to do this is to Ban the member.
One reason is some members are purely coders who help me with the forum.

Another angle is to control permission to view the memberlist.
This is for my Guest/ novice group.

I would also like to limit this usergroup to initiating a Conversation with me only.


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Sounds like they are "Trial" members ?
Newbies ?
You might just manually make a Members page ? and hide the useless one Xenforo currently has.
Yes it's a lot about new members. I have edited the memberslist quite a bit so it shows more info.
But I don't know how to limit who sees it or who displays on it.

I agree the default version is very underdeveloped. There's real scope for a good Memberslist Manager addon.

1. Add Joined + Date (as I have)
2. Add Last Visited + Date (as I have)
3 Add Custom Field data eg Location (as I have)
4. Add Start Convo button under the Avatar. (as I have)
5. Add Search buttons top and bottom for pre-selected usergroups.
6. Hide selected usergroup/s (admin option)
7. Disable selected usergroup from seeing Memberlist.
8. Disable selected usergroups from Conversation with other members except Admins/ Mods. This isn't strictly the Memberlist but it fits with the approach and if the Memberlist can have Convo buttons on it fits even more.
Then if newcomer clicks a Convo button they get message "You do not have the membership rights yet to contact a member individually but you can contact [the admin] for help if you like."
9. Just to get dreamy I want an alternate memberlist so admin only can see a different memberlist of usergroups not shown on the standard one. Button at top/ bottom of frontend standard memberlist to open it/ button to return to standard one. Link to add to Members dropdown on navbar.
10. To complete my happiness admin option to add boxes to a memberlist listing which can be admin edited on the frontend as a textbox, or tickbox. Content not viewable except by admin or mod. Ive had this on another forum software with small js link to Edit so I know it can be done.


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Odd it was snot built in, not everyone wants personal stuff broadcasted to new people.
was there ever an update to this ?