XF 1.3 Making NavTabs Caps

After a few hours, I give up. Of course if I ask the question, I will immediately find the answer. :)

I've added an 'external link' tab and made it caps. I've changed the 'Home' tab to caps. But I can't find where to change "Forums" and "Members" to "FORUMS' AND "MEMBERS."

Chris D

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Phrase system is probably best.

But another option is CSS:

.navTabs .navLink
    text-transform: uppercase;
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I dont' know how you answer things so fast, but it's really appreciated.
I looked in the Phrases using the Phrase search and couldn't find the right thing. And there are so many phrases. I searched tabs, nav, Forums, Members, etc. Can you point me in the fight direction please?


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Just search the phrases for the text you want to change, a list of matching phrases will be returned.

In this case I suspect they will be forums and members.
Well, third time's the charm. Once I figured out the Phrase Search, etc. I got it. Thanks.

And Chris, thanks as well - everything is adding to my learning curve.