Making my first cosplay prop

Carla Birch

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I got a 3d printer a few week back so i started my first attempt to make an cosplay prop last week for a mate who will be doing Sophitia from Soulcalibur. The prop is Sophitia’s sword and so far I’m happy with how it’s going because i have never done any of this before, so I’m learning everything as i go along from 3D design and printing to painting and all of it.

Below is some photos of how it’s going so far, up to my first primer paint coat today whats highlighted i have more sanding to do.

Please feel free to comment below giving feedback or any tips you might have on how to improve, many thanks.

1.webp 2.webp 3.webp 4.webp 5.webp
Thanks, it's going well so far, just UK weather means you have to get lucky to get a dry patch to paint in lol. Was able to get a few coats of silver on tonight.
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