XF 2.2 Make post stick to the top of a thread?


Another newbie question:

I created a new thread that contains fault codes and made the first post with the fault code sheet in it. I had another thread that was started that contained a few posts that pertained to this new thread so I moved them over to the new thread and now the post I want to stay at the top is mixed in with the others, how can I fix this?

Sorry not great at explaining this but I am trying to keep a certain post at the top of a thread, I made the thread sticky but that did not work, or I did it wrong.
You will need to edit the first post to add the content you want.

There is nothing built in which will move a post within a thread.
Thanks Paul,

Do you know of an add on that would give me that flexibility? My site www.speedutv.net will have multiple threads with how to repair section and it would be nice to have the how to at the top and the discussion in the following post.

I’m I using the forum the wrong way for this type of content?
That functionality is built in to XF.

Suggestion for something that may work better?
The Resource Manager would allow you to create a resource, and then you can have a discussion thread associated directly with that resource. That way, the main source is always the XFRM item.
Another option may be to look at something like Article Management System that allows you to create articles (in multi-page format) that can have discussions associated with them.

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Change the date to be the first post chronologically.
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