XF 2.2 Make notice disappear after set amount of time / days


Is there a way to implement a notice that appears for a user after they have been registered for X number of days, but disappears after Y number of days? I'm trying to implement a marketing campaign whereby users who have been registered for 7 days, for example, receive an offer to join VIP at a discounted rate, but that special discount expires in 3 days (again, for example). Ideally, I would just have a notice that pops up for the user X number of days after registration and expires Y number of days after registration.
Use the date and time options under the Page criteria tab.

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This doesn't allow the notice to expire after Y number of days - this is when the notice would expire based on date/time. The date and time option is good if I want a universal notice to expire at a given date/time, but I'm trying to create 1 notice that expires for all users Y number of days after they register, regardless of the specific date/time. Doesn't seem like it's possible, but maybe someone has a workaround or has thought of a workaround. I could ask a dev to add the option "User has NOT been registered for more than X days" to the Content and Achievements section...
I am trying to set up a block birthday notice for my members for when it is their birthday. The notice keeps appearing every day and doesn't disappear after the member's actual birthday. I have the time set to start at 12:00 and end at 23:00. And the 'current date' box checked. What am I missing?
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