Make Guests Pay Upfront When They Register On The Site, Run A Paid Members Only Forum


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Does anyone know of a mod that will enable payments on the user registration form? I want to create a paid members-only forum. Right now, you can have premium stuff for your forum members but they have to "upgrade" to premium after they register, making this cumbersome if you are running a paid members-only site. I would like to be able to charge people upfront at the point of registration. Anyone know of a mod or anything that does this?
Give the registered users no permissions or visibility of the forums, and then a notice to tell them to complete the registration by purchasing the upgrade and giving them the link?
That's a good idea but then you end up with a lot of abandoned registrations and it complicates the process. Easier to do it all at once at time of registration.
If you install XenUtils, that will solve your abandoned registrations issue.
It might be slightly more complicated to then have to click the button to upgrade your membership, but in the absence of integrated solution I think it's a fairly good one. Anyone paying to join your forum without even sampling it, probably won't mind with 1 extra screen and 1 extra click to complete the registration and payment cycle.
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