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Charge Users When They Join The Site, Make It A PAID Members-Only Forum

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Deepmartini, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    I would like an add-on that moves the premium upgrade component of Xenforo to the front when a person firsts registers for the site. That way, I can run a paid members-only forum. The registration form would have the username and email, then payment information underneath so the person could checkout via paypal. How complicated is this to create? Basically, you're just moving the "subscriptions" upgrade part of Xenforo upfront.
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  2. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    Why not make all your forum nodes private, and only accessible to a specific group via the paid subscription. Then, have a page node which is visible to logged in members who haven't upgraded, that shows the information you have put above?
  3. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    You want to make the nodes public to entice visitors to join the site. You need to be able to show teaser thread titles and a glimpse of what's inside. By hiding everything you defeat the purpose. Plus you get a lot of people who register but don't upgrade and end up cluttering your site and database. Being able to use a teaser view gets people to pay.
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  4. Shelley

    Shelley Well-Known Member

    Very good points made. This is something I would have liked to have seen made, and am still surprised an add-on your requesting hasn't been made because i'm sure many people would use such an add-on. +1
  5. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    I thought that is what you were after when you said "running a paid members-only forum"

    So what exactly are you trying to achieve? Showing all your forums, but not allowing people who sign up the ability to post unless they pay?
  6. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    Showing everything except the thread contents to guests. Allowing ONLY members to post and access entire thread contents. Charging people upfront when they register and become a member. Granting members full access to the entire site.
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  7. MattW

    MattW Well-Known Member

    That should be do-able with permissions for guests and registered members

    Slap a big notice on the registered group with a link to the account upgrade section.

    Then have a group which members are added into once they upgrade that has the allow permissions back in so they can access thread content and post messages.
  8. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    This looks like a good interim solution but it's still complicated for new users. They have to register first then can get lost in the process, get confused and abandon the site, or not follow through with upgrading the account leaving a lot of empty users. I

    t would be great to be able to register and charge for membership at the point of first registration. Simple, one step process for new members.

    Hopefully a developer will realize how powerful (and profitable) this plugin would be.

    This is especially relevant for sites that rely on membership income and not advertising income.
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  9. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    I'm getting a lot of likes on this. There's definitely interest here.
  10. Deepmartini

    Deepmartini Well-Known Member

    Anyone found a solution to this yet? Still looking. :(

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