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XenForo 2 features a nice navigation that shows up on forum home

With the new widget system, we have the freedom to create new pages and populate it with content from widgets by controlling various options, giving us the ability to lets say show new content related to just X, Y, Z node. And of course, a lot of other things. I however feel this navigation should also be customizable, to us admins.

What are the benefits?
  • It's a one click access to some of the most recent content on the community, for example can be set as index and serve the latest content on the first visit (just an example)
  • We can expose more content, especially on websites that have multiple categories and content that is differentiated within many sections, you know some sections content gets sidelined due to another, more active section. It won't get the same exposure as the most active section within your community.
If this could be customized by us, we could for example add "New Content from X, Y, Z Node" and make content from parts of our sites easily accessible, basically have nodes display content within with just one click rather than navigating inside the node.

Ease of access to content aids in increasing discussion, and I know this is a complicated request, but please let us add widgets directly to that forum home specific navigation! :D
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