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One of the best features of Xenforo 1.1x was its strong, purely HTML/CSS based frontend. JavaScript was nice if you liked it, and optional if you didn't. For security reasons JavaScript is an absolute nightmare, and it was amazing that XF, such a modern zippy system put in a lot of effort to work flawlessly without it, while competitor software was heavily bloated and JS dependent.

I'm concerned to see support for non-JS starting to erode in 1.2. Something as fundamental as the editor field is now not usable without it, and there may be other areas as well.

What you see with JS disabled:


If you think that, ok, maybe we can still go into a dedicated URLed page, you get this:

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There is something wrong with your installation of XenForo. Right now I'm writing this post using a browser with Javascript disabled and everything works as expected. The site doesn't try to load the wysiwyg editor and instead it uses a simple text box.

What browser are you using?


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I can't reproduce it with Firefox 23.0.1 under mac. I'm writing from Firefox with Javascript disabled.


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Looks fine to me too. There's a clear textarea based editor as well, specifically for JS disabled:
<noscript><textarea name="message" id="ctrl_message" class="textCtrl MessageEditor" style=""></textarea></noscript>
Perhaps there's an issue with an add-on you're running or an issue with disabling JS in that particular version of Firefox (given that you are a handful of versions old).