RM 2.1 Main menu tab for RM category


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Can anyone advise how you can create a main menu tab for a specific category (and sub categories) in the Rexource Manager that will stay selected when clicked?

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This isn't something directly exposed by the resource manager, so this would have to be managed in templates. That makes it relatively complex, as it could require changes to a number of template to try to maintain it (and only in specific categories) and those changes could vary by context.

Conceptually, the template edit is:
<xf:if is="{$resource.resource_category_id} == 1">
    <xf:page option="section" value="navigationId" />
You'd need to change the category ID as needed. In some templates, $resource may need to be $category. If you want to do it in multiple categories, you'd need to OR each of the categories together on the first line.

The navigationId is the ID of the navigation entry you created.

Alternatively, it could be done with an add-on.


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Thanks Mike
I am playing around with trying to see if a site owner can sort of create their own psuedo addons using the inbuilt functionality of XF.

You can create a page node as a landing page for a whole section and use widgets and CSS to create a great section overview page and then by using the custom fields create the data fields needed for the entries in the section and then use the templates and CSS to make the entries into something great.

And all the menu system is tailored to make them all look like different sections of the site and the good thing is that they are all consistent in their look and feel.

For example a Classifieds section using forum nodes:
195090 195091

and use custom fields, templates and css with an "if Classifieds Node then display this, if not then display normal node style"

And then using the built in functionality of the Resource managere to create a complete section, in my case for Aviation Schools:
195092 195093

Doing things this way you can avoid addons and you have control of it all, all sections can look and feel the same...the only thing you may need would be different widgets to suit your needs or extend it further