Main Catagory Link displays but it's blank

Am I being a noob right now?

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Assuming that http://domain/ works, that URL should work - it's just a particular anchor in the page. But since itself doesn't work, that's why. Looks like your rewrite rules aren't there/correct.


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Ohh that is a blank html doc at the root as a place holder for my landing page that I am building currently. The site is also installed in site root.

Assuming that I installed xf with that index.html page sitting there already, do you know off the top of your head which values in rewrite would need modifying?


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You likely have telepathy because that fixed it lol. You may now answer honestly in the poll, I am indeed a noob :)
I used index.html so visitors wouldn't go to the forum until I was done building the basics unless they knew the actual address. No biggie... renamed it, all works now and I will just pass protect the siteroot if I need to while in dev.

Thanks yet again Mike, if I was playing who wants to be a millionaire, you would be nominated for one of my lifelines.