XF 1.1 MAC (Snow Leopard) Uploading Images


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I have a member and he is having issues uploading images. Is there anything, I help on my end?

By the way, I had already tried most of those suggestions on the picture uploading. I fooled (an appropriate term for me computer skills) around some more and got to where the system told me I have too much info on each picture. I really have no idea how to knock down the pixels to a smaller bunch of info. As I said, I'm piss poor with this stuff and have been "just getting by" enough to do some things.

I'm used to just dragging the picture on to the area where it needs to go and that has worked on other sites for me. I'll keep trying.

Jake Bunce

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Try to have him send you the picture by some other means. Then you can test it on your end. It might be something simple like the file is too large.