steven s

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Very, very early stages.
Since this particular vehicle is not available yet, there really isn't much in the way of categories.

I've started by bringing in content via an RSS feed.
Everyday a script runs to clean the html from the title until I can come up with a better way.

I know people are going to say it's too dark.
I want to stick with the black background and red accents. Hover should be primary blue.

Nothing more I can say. I'm really just looking for consistency through the site for now.
I don't like that the breadcrumb arrows are filled in. Don't know how to fix that.
I need to move it to the root directory. Also need a logo and favicon.


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Dark is fine in itself, but I'm not too sure about the red borders. The contrasts are a bit too much imo, focus more on the content and not borders and such. Just my $0.02 cents.

steven s

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I agree on the content. Currently there is no content really available.
I still want to keep the red borders, but maybe a different red?