Duplicate Lower Numerical User Permission to Override Higher Group Permission


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Pete is in Registered user group, and it has "Max Conversation Recipients" of 5.

The admin would like to change Pete's setting 1, but not touch the whole group's setting.

The admin makes a custom user permission for Pete, changing the setting from 5 to 1.

Yet that doesn't take effect because with permissions, the higher numerical value takes precedence no matter if the user has a lower setting or not.

I've confirmed this is as designed, but, to me, it just makes little sense. Am I alone in thinking this way?

For user groups that of course makes sense (higher one taking precedence), but if a user has a specific User Permission, then that should override any of the group permissions in my opinion... I guess?


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Why not set Registered to 1 and have 5 set for a secondary user group that users are promoted to who you want to have this facility?

Personally the current system makes sense to me. To do it the way you're suggesting would mean you'd have to alter the default (ie 0 value) of every secondary user group that users are in. Currently I don't have to touch it, just like I don't have to touch other permissions, unless they are to differ from what is set in thr Registered user group.