lots of subforums


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When I say lots of subforums, I mean at least 1000 and increasing with time. I'm 99% decided to use "force thread prefixed" but in the case I use sub-forums......

-Is there any limit of sub-forums we can create?
-Is there any problem with performance when we have a high number of subforums? (A, B, C... Y, Z listing.... and sub-sub-forums within each letter.... more than 1000 that way).
-If in a sub-forum, we can "paginate" the sub-subforum list (instead of having 500 sub-sub-forums, scrolling down or up in a kilometric page... paginate them and have 10 pages with 50 sub-sub-forums each?

An example of what I'm saying ("ABC listing" and pagination within each letter):

A (sub-forum)
B (sub-forum)
C (sub-forum)
X (sub-forum)
---- Xenforo1 (sub-sub-forum)
---- Xenforo2 (sub-sub-forum)
---- Xenforo3 (sub-sub-forum)
Y (sub-forum)
Z (sub-forum)


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There is no limit, however in 1.1.3 at the moment you would have a performance issue with the nodes being rebuilt.

Mike however, knows what the issue is, and is considering solutions to fix this in a future version.


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nodes being rebuilt? with lots of sub-forums and sub-sub-forums ... nodes being rebuilt? well.. I don't know whats "nodes being rebuilt":oops:

Each time you add or delete a forum or sub forum (called nodes in xenForo) they are optimised and cached to provide better performance. However this process in itself requires more resources the more nodes you have, so thats where the issue occurs.

Once the rebuild is finished, they work without issue (check digitalpoint.com or ign who has hundreds of forums and sub forums). But its just the adding / deleting which would be an issue to you.


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"A,B,C...." listing and between each letter there are a lot of sub-forums, then, they add pagination (between each letter).

Oh hmm,

Interesting implementation. It could probably be done with a decent amount of work to look like that. Pagination on each sub-forum isnt an issue, however having the sub forums listed in such a minimal way would require some heavy style work I would think.