XF 1.1 Lost 5,000 members on import


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I've done a test import and seem to have lost around 5,000 members - is there a known reason for this? (I've checked banned members and they seem to be there, and we rarely delete members.)

When the importer asked about duplicate emails in user accounts I just edited the email addresses.
I checked the box to preserve member/thread ids

Any ideas what might have gone on?


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Ah right yeah, thanks Jake!

Is there anyway to make it show all of them? We often get people asking us to ban their account for X weeks/months as they can't keep away themselves, etc. Plus it looks better showing more members lol

Jake Bunce

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The responsible code:


	 * Gets the count of total users.
	 * @return integer
	public function countTotalUsers()
		return $this->_getDb()->fetchOne('
			FROM xf_user
			WHERE user_state = \'valid\'
				 AND is_banned = 0
You can modify it directly or create an addon to extend the model.