Looking for XF Addon Development Tutor / Problem Solver [Will Pay]


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I'm in the process of learning XenForo addon development and looking for someone who can help me solve the problems I encounter - mostly with understanding the concepts and offering a helping hand at the problems I can't solve on my own. You may check my questions in the development support forum to understand what kind of problems I need help with. I do not expect you to teach me anything from ground up; just offer a helping hand as you'd in the support forum.

My intention is to accelerate the learning process. I'd expect -
  • Good experience with developing XF addons: Expert in PHP, AJAX, HTML, CSS and XF framework.
  • Responds in less than 24 hours.
  • Can sometimes chat over Skype, Gtalk and review my code; offer suggestions, better way of writing code etc.
I'm willing to pay on monthly basis till I reach the level of confidence I'm aiming for. Please start a conversation with me. Thanks!