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Hello, everyone!

A while ago I had deleted a lot of my styles because they were pretty basic (e.g., Valentine's Day) and they were just customized with the color palette and style properties, using CSS for anything that the style properties didn't get. However, while also basic, I kept my Facebook and vBulletin styles due to them being popular and some of my better work.

I am planning on completely redoing them from scratch, and I do mean completely. Previously, when I remade styles from scratch I still copied and pasted my custom CSS from other styles. This time I will be doing all the custom CSS manually, even if most of it is what's already on the current styles.

Anyway, because I will be redoing them completely from scratch. I would like some feedback on what I could do to improve them. (If you'd like to view them live, just visit KH-Flare and choose them in the style chooser.)