Looking for something comparable...

I'm reading just dreadful things regarding VBulletin 5, and my thoughts are to follow those advising to go with Xenforo; but I haven't seen something similar to the sites I fell in love with that run VBulletin:




Am I looking in the wrong place? I want to attract a younger demographic, and it looks like I can achieve that with Xenforo. I just need a push


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AFAIK, the first site is running vBulletin 3, albeit VerticalScopes custom version. 2nd one is vBulletin 4, but the last one is Vbulletin 3.8 Internet Brands Edition. If you have vBulletin 5, you might want @Claudio to import your site as his rates are very reasonable, and does a great job in importing that site.

Xenforo is a great software and very powerful. You can easily do things to attract a younger demographic. Tons of addons and mods.
I just read a thread(which I couldn't reply to) discussing VBulletin advantages in Google. The OP noted Xenforo was a superior product, but that VBulletin does rank higher in Google with proof to support the claim. I want a superior product, but it means nothing if nobody knows I'm there.


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Was that a thread on this site?
Can you link to it?

Most, if not all of the feedback we have received, is that XenForo does very well in Google search results.
Comparable to, if not better than, similar forum software scripts.