Looking for Honest Opionions.

Hey all,

I am going to keep this short.

Basically I run a gaming community with IP.Board.

I am looking for a unbiased opinion on weather I should make the switch to Xenforo, my reasons are I want a change, something different, I have worked with IPB for 2 years now, and there is something that just excites me about Xenforo, its hard to put it into words :)

Feel free to ask any questions you have!
From what I can see, its awesome, something about it just clicks!

Is it a good idea to move from IPB, I would like any reasons as to why I shouldnt, for example needing to purchase another license (I would sell IPB thats just an example)


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I cannot open your site. Is the URL correct?

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I really want to convert my IPB myself. But I'm kinda waiting for this Gellery add on to be released first.

My members love IP Gallery so it' something I want to make sure I can offer them before I convert.

other than that you can see my freshly posted opinion here :D


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Depends on what day of the week you pop in here. ;)

I doubt you'll get an unbiased opinion here. We all love XenForo.


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To be honest, I've never used IPB in depth, so I can't really vouch for that, but since we've switched from phpBB to XenForo, the response has been phenomenal.

From.. the community who is extremely helpful, to the developers who value your opinion, you can't really go wrong. Sure it's missing certain features, but not a show stopper in my book, it does the job and more :).

So... take the leap ;)
My community is fairly lightweight, all we have is a downloads system and a video system, I tend to stay away from a heap of mods and addons as it is a hassle when the software is upgraded.

Is there a downloads system and a video system for xF?


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I switched from IPB and adore Xenforo... especially the community here, which is warm and friendly and helpful.

Is it better than IPB? That is so subjective it's not really possible to answer... I believe it is, just inherently it feels and handles like I want it too.. but then there are others who would say exactly the same of IPB or indeed vB etc.

You are unlikely to get anything other than positive answers to that question here on the Xenforo site :)

There are definitely things I miss about the IPB software, but I am hoping that those things will be in future versions of Xenforo.... and the lack of them is more than made up for by the sheer pleasure in using Xenforo from both an Admin and a end user view point :)

Gregory Lynn

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I switched from IPB to XenForo, I ran my old community on IPB. I ended up closing it down and selling the software for a loss and buying XenForo. Its been a very positive experience so far, both forums were on the same subject. And I felt like I had to put too much effort into IPB to get people to talk. With XenForo people are chatty I started my new XenForo website May 25 2011 and I have 24 members, 156 topics and 751 posts.

I put half of the effort that I put into the IPB forum and I am getting triple the results. And the people that were members of both forums have paid me huge complements for the forum software upgrade. I hope this helps in your decision.


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What were some of the things you missed?
Things that may or may not be important to others, but as a professional skinner were to me...


Forum permissions system - specifically being able to create a new "empty" permission set and having basically 3 levels of permissions/usergroups.

Forums where only specified Staff and the Original Poster can see/reply to their threads.

Smilie upload/tagging, or XML import.

Child Skin inheriting properties on export.

And a few others I can't recall right now.

As I said, balanced against the things I feel I have gained by switching, they are not major, and I am hoping that at least some of them will be addressed in future versions of XF.
Is there anything wrong with your IPB forum? If not, then you don't really need XenForo. 3.2 is certainly promising, so you may want to keep an eye out for that.