Looking for addon to post images inline


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Is there an addon that would allow me to manipulate images a bit better with width height settings and inline so it could have text on left or right side.
dont need an addon for that, there is click and drag resizing and a menu that pops up if you click an inline..........oh dang wait a minute....pretty sure there was a float function built in somewhere, dont really see it now.....seems to want to break above......yup just did it again lol.....well......there is an bbcode addon, just seems like there is a way without it that i cant find atm...macro-snowflake.jpg
yeah i got you, thats sort of what i thought was going to happen there lol....i suppose a table would work, im still confused tho about the float....im pretty sure i read about them "fixing" the float code even so didnt expect that...
Is it for your staff or your members?

You could always enable article in a regular forum so only staff can use it, and the forum view is still a regular forum and the users still post regular discussions, but you get the benefit of the article format.
I just want to know how i can do that, Brogan speak about creating float bbcode, i know where to create them but i don't what to put inside the different fields....
<div style="float:right;clear:left;margin:0 0 5px 10px">
Where i have to write this code ?

Thanks all
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