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I am a co-founder of a site used for play-by-post roleplaying. I am looking for a framework to replace the mostly custom coded .asp framework we currently have and have had for some time.

To actually select a framework I need to make sure that it has the capacity to successfully take what we have had have a comparable go to for some of the key functionality.

There is a main site forum and sub forums along with a number of content pages. This seems fairly easy just with a basic install.
Here's where it gets a little interesting.
We have the ability for users to create "group pages" as well as forums associated with said groups.
We have a site chatroom system that also allows for users to create rooms and rooms associated with their created groups.
One of the largest items is the user defined fields that people can create within the framework of the site itself.

here is a link to the site FR Story Forge. Thanks for your time. It's much appreciated.
You would require third party add-ons to allow members to be able to create 'group pages' and also for a chatroom.

You can check out the core functionality of XF by setting up an online demo: https://xenforo.com/demo/

Anything in addition to that would require custom development if third party add-ons don't exist.
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