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Looking for a long time relationship


Well-known member
Hi there,

even though it's very unlikely i will find the right guy(s), i will give it a try with this thread. :)

About me
I have a german community for teenager about love, sex & relationship. We're founded in 1999, have around 2 mio. visits a month and right now we have 250k threads and 7 mio. posts.

What i'm looking for
Someone with good developer skills who has fun to work on a large community with a lot of potential. I know it's easy to say, but i'm pretty sure i know there is a good possibility to become a big player in the market. For me, it's pretty important to find someone who not only developes an AddOn but who wants to get to know the complete plattform and project. You don't have to be the best developer, but you have to have fun on what you do and you have to be reliable. :)

What you get
Of course you will get paid for what you do but i can't promise i have enough money to pay you what you deserve. I will be completly honest what comes in and you will get a part of it. If you're willing to work on a long time basis, we could talk about a full-time job / payment. If that would be a possiblity, we could even talk about a share of the company.

So, if you are interested or if you've more questions, don't wait to get in touch with me. :) I would be more then happy to share my visions with you.


PS: If you would like to get on board, it's not necessary to speak german! :D