Looking for a jquery plugin that I can't find!


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I am not even sure there is a plugin like this, but I've seen a lot of things jQuery can do, and I figured it could do this too. I want to have a fixed bar at the time of the page(similar to the chat bar on facebook), that if you click an arrow it extends and gives you a bigger cleaner menu.

^Login there using any user/pass combo and it's the first thing at the top of the page when you login.

I've been looking for a while, but can't figure out what something like that would be called. Anyone feel like leading me in the right direction? Thank you


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Try out .xfSlideOut() and .xfSlideIn() if you're working within XenForo, they look a little nicer than the standard jQuery .slideUp() and .slideDown(). We use them for the login panel here.
Cheers, just working on something using that ... will try the above functions.