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Style Looking for a custom design/style

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by gregory1989, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. gregory1989

    gregory1989 Member

    Hi Guys!

    I am looking for someone who can design me a custom theme for my Xenforo Wrestling Website wwehq.com. Please read the requirements below and then either reply on here or send me a message with a quote for the job.

    • To design a Xenforo Theme. (I am using Xen 1.1.1)
    • The theme must me tested and work on all the major browsers.
    • Must work with Xenportal (this is a must)
    • Fluid Design
    Below you can find a list of websites which I have seen which I would love you to base the design on:
    1. http://do4a.com/ - Love the full page fluid design, as well as the color scheme/logo
    2. http://wrestlingclique.com/
    3. http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/- Love the look of this website and the custom forum icons.
    4. http://www.completevb.com/demovb4/forum.php?styleid=86 - Love the design of this!
    5. http://www.completevb.com/demovb4/forum.php?styleid=23
    Basically you get the idea of the theme I am looking for. Colour scheme ideally would be dark grey/black/white. I really really love http://www.do4a.com theme. If you could make one similiar to that then were on to a winner(obvs not copying, but using it as a contextual link).
    BudgetObviously in my head I have a number which I am willing to pay and when you send me over a quote/examples of your work we can discuss further. Dont worry, I am not a pike and I am a full time web designer so I know were not talking about 50-70 dollars for a theme ;). Just send me over a frienly rough estimate and we can take it from there!

    Once we have agreed on a fee I would like the procress to be set up in 3 stages.
    • Design Stage -You design the site and show me a preview (.jpg file) and if I am happy with little or no amendments I will pay 25% of the fee there and then.
    • Build Stage - I see a working online version hosted by yourself (or I can set up a sub domain if required). Once I am happy with everything I will pay 50% of the fee.
    • Concluding stage - Once the site is complete and up an running on my server you will recieve the final 25%.
    I pay using paypal if this is ok with you guys?
    I hope that covers everything. You know the style I am looking for, so if you can send over your quotes/example work then we can get the ball rolling. Once we have agreed on the fee I can give you more details such as what graphics to use/wrestling pictures/text ect and also a blueprint of what I see the build/skeleton of the design should look like.
    Regards and speak to you all soon,

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