Look how fast this site grew...


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The other day I signed on to SOHH forums and saw that both my signature and avatar were removed. I then saw a notice saying that competing sites are banned from sigs, avis or even talked about in threads. There's only one person from that site besides me that regularly posts on my site so I knew they weren't talking about me. I asked someone what happened and this is what he said.

Mr Anus said:
sh.tty server, all the clowns who where ban on sight needed a home, people wanted features added, etc.

a couple of Sohh posters got together and just did it. within a week...here we are.

Within two weeks their new forum rose to 2000 plus members and threads with around 40,000 views.

For years they've had server issues, some members finally had enough.

SOHH: http://forums.projectcovo.com/index.php

The Coli: http://www.the-coli.com

Same software, pretty much look the same. I wish they had switched over to xenforo instead.


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I tried the links this morning, The Coli is on XenForo now.

I got tried of waiting for SOHH to load, screen was still blank when I gave up.